Shazam 2 Director Reveals Deleted Scene, Early Animations

Shazam! Fury of the Gods director David F. Sandberg recently took to social media to share some behind-the-scenes animations for the film, as well as reveal what a deleted scene would have looked like.

Taking to Twitter to reply to a fan, Sandberg answered a question on why Billy wanted to sacrifice himself instead of using the wizard’s staff to steal Kalypso’s powers. According to Sandberg, a deleted scene did actually show that, but in it, Billy was unable to use the staff because he didn’t know how to access his powers.

In a separate thread, Sandberg showed off his animatics for the film, including what it looks like for him to set up and visualize a scene. He shared behind-the-scenes looks at the making of some big set pieces, including Shazam saving a car as it falls off a bridge, some fighting action, as well as how his scenes eventually turn from more elaborate creations to simple doodles to get an idea down.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is directed by David F. Sandberg (Annabelle: Creation) from a screenplay written by Shazam! writer Henry Gayden. It is produced by Peter Safran. The film is now playing in theaters.