Tom Brady sends cease and desist over AI standup special

Tom Brady successfully got a video of an AI version of himself doing standup comedy pulled from the internet.

Tom Brady AI

Twenty-three seasons, seven Super Bowl victories and one cease and desist against a former mad tv alum. Tom Brady has sent such a document to Will Sasso and Chad Kultgen, who had a hand in creating an entirely AI-generated standup special starring the famous quarterback through their podcast/YouTube show, Dudesy.

titled It’s Too Easy! A Simulated Hour-Long Comedy Specialthe video was the subject of a harsh cease and desist letter which read, in part: “Immediately remove the aforementioned use of Mr. Brady’s name, image, voice, persona, and likeness, and any other unauthorized uses of Mr. Brady’s name, image, voice, persona, and likeness, from any websites, internet platforms, social media profiles, or printed materials that Dudesy, and/or its affiliates, control, including by removing the Infringing Special, along with any content that in any way contains or refers to the Infringing Special or parts thereof…” In short, don’t use Tom Brady for your silly little AI videos.

On the issue, Kultgen said, “I think this is First Amendment, freedom of speech-type shit that we’re dealing with here…This is obviously a parody…This is what all impressionists do. You watch hours of tape of that person to get their mannerisms and stuff like this down. It’s literally the same.” Despite this, Dudesy removed the AI ​​video soon after the letter was sent by Tom Brady’s legal team. The fellas also stated, “To claim that it is presenting him in a ‘false light,’ is I think inaccurate. My own two hundred on this is that it is an inaccurate accusation. I don’t think we’re in any way presenting Mr. Brady at all. It’s simply a parody of the idea of ​​Tom Brady doing standup.”

Although it has been used for innocent and absurd purposes, artificial intelligence and deepfake technology can be scary, dangerous and damaging. Tom Brady’s order is an interesting and stern move in the world of AI and could set a precedent for how parties use it regarding celebrities…and by that we mean celebs better watch out because one letter isn’t going to stop anybody in the future.

How do you feel about AI and deepfake videos of celebrities such as Tom Brady? Is there a place for it? Give us your take in the comments section below!