Uncle Samsik Actress Tiffany Young Shares How She Prepared for Her Role

Recently, Disney Plus’ upcoming K-dramas Uncle Samsik released the first look of Tiffany Young. The fans are quite excited to see her in a different avatar. Moreover, the actress, in a recent conversation, shared how she prepared for her role.

The storyline revolves around a unique character named Uncle Samsik (Song Kang-Ho), who only thinks about himself. On the other hand, there’s Kim San (Byun Yo-Han), who wants to give the people of Korea a peaceful environment where they can live and eat properly. How these two work together toward the same goal amid the turbulence of the 1960s is shown in the drama. It is a historical business drama.

Uncle Samsik releases Tiffany Young’s first look

Tiffany Young plays Rachel Jeong in the drama. Rachel Jeong is seen as the director of the Albright Foundation, who leads the foundation’s projects. She starts to take an interest in Kim San’s goal of the national reconstruction of Korea after meeting him. Jeong exudes a friendly nature in the released images.

Disney Plus shared a series of photos from the drama Uncle Samsik. Tiffany Young attracts attention in the photos with her bright smile and different expressions. Her fashion sense and stylization add a unique touch to her look.

Talking about her character, Tiffany Young shared, as reported in Herald Pop (originally in Korean), “Rachel Jeong tried to analyze and interpret the psychological aspects of the character rather than her chemistry with other characters.” She further added, “The filming location was like a dream. “It is a work that made me walk forward with hope and courage.”

The director of the drama, Shin Yeon-Sik, also praised the actress. He said, “Tiffany Young has a very good sense of language, so she gave her a lot of tips on English lines. She is an actress with great penetrating power, just like Rachel Jeong. I’m looking forward to the future.”

Uncle Samsik is all set to premiere on May 15, 2024, on Disney Plus. The drama will release 5 episodes on the first day, and from then on, it will stream 2 episodes per week. However, in the last week, 3 episodes will air together.