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Bastille ReOrchestrated is a 2021 music documentary film directed by Tom Middleton. The film uncovers the creative process and behind-the-scenes of British band Bastille’s ambitious project. It explores Bastille’s artistry in-depth and provides a combination of pop with the power of a full orchestra.

Here’s how you can watch and stream Bastille ReOrchestrated via streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video.

Is Bastille ReOrchestrated available to watch via streaming?

Yes, Bastille ReOrchestrated is available to watch via streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Bastille ReOrchestrated comprises of unseen archived footage from the band’s early days and the latest interviews featuring the band members and some other talented musicians. Hear the personal stories behind the new versions of the songs. The film helps provide a deeper appreciation in the audience for the beloved band.

The cast features mainly the band members including Dan Smith, Kyle Simmons, Will Farquarson, and Woody Woodgate.

Watch Bastille ReOrchestrated streaming via Amazon Prime Video

Bastille ReOrchestrated is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. Stream the latest movies and TV shows including Fallout, Outer Range, and more with Amazon Prime Video.

You can watch via Amazon Prime Video by following these steps:

  1. Go to Amazon Prime Video
  2. Select ‘Sign in’ and ‘Create your Amazon account’
  3. Sign up for a Prime Video membership:
    • $14.99 per month or $139 per year with an Amazon Prime membership
    • $8.99 per month for a standalone Prime Video membership

Amazon Prime is the online retailer’s paid service that provides fast shipping and exclusive sales on products, so the membership that includes both this service and Prime Video is the company’s most popular offering. However, you can also opt to subscribe to Prime Video separately.

The synopsis of Bastille ReOrchestrated is as follows:

“A bracingly honest new documentary sourced from hundreds of hours of unseen archive and all-new conversations captured during the pandemic, the film features open and frank insights from each band member plus collaborators inextricably linked to the group’s orchestral adventures. Alongside dramatic re-interpretations of their hit songs, ReOrchestrated charts the very beginning of the band’s foundations all the way through the highs and lows of their three albums to date, via landmark, full orchestra appearances at Royal Albert Hall, Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg and The London Palladium, not to mention the inevitable tensions encountered en route.

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