What Happens Between Kim Hwan and the Other Six Boys?

The much-awaited K-drama inspired by the BTS Universe Begins ≠ Youth premiered on April 30, 2024, on Xclusive. Episode 1 of the series, titled “Am I wrong..?,” introduces the audience to the seven main characters of the K-drama. It includes Kim Hwan (Seo Ji-Hoon), Kim Do-Geon (Seo Young-Joo), Kim Joo-An (Jung Woo-Jin), Jeon Je-Ha (Jeon Jin-Seo), Min Ce-In (Noh Jong-Hyun), Jeong Ho-Su (Ahn Ji-Ho) and Park Ha-Ru (Kim Yoon-Woo).

The first episode of Begins ≠ Youth sees Kim Hwan as a new student who meets the other six boys at his new high school. Kim Hwan is the son of an Assembly member and thus gets special treatment from the school authority. In the episode, he ends up having a misunderstanding and conflict with the other six boys due to his prejudice. 

BTS Universe K-Drama Begins ≠ Youth episode 1: Kim Hwan has a conflict with the other six boys

The beginning of episode 1 of Begins ≠ Youth shows a flashback scene. A fire breaks out in a neighborhood. People frantically watch the fire while a young boy stands among the crowd with an indifferent expression and a lighter in his hand. The boy is Min Ce-In (Noh Jong-Hyun). 

The episode returns to the present, where viewers see another young boy, Kim Hwan (Seo Ji-Hoon), the son of a powerful Assembly member. He has transferred to a new school there. On the first day of school, he couldn’t wear the school uniform. However, due to his father’s powerful position and connection with the school authority, he does not get punished for it. Kim Hwan even gets special treatment from the principal of the school. 

Begins ≠ Youth episode 1 also introduces two other boys from the same school, Kim Do-Geon (Seo Young-Joo) and Kim Joo-An (Jung Woo-Jin). They are both from low-income families and work part-time jobs to support their families and themselves. While returning home from their jobs, they visit Kim Hwan’s house to see its opulence. While there, they get caught by Kim Hwan, who calls the police on them. Since the authorities know them, they let them go with a warning. 

However, they return to the place again after Kim Do-Geon loses the packet of his wage while getting into the house. They ask Kim Hwan to look for it, but he refuses. Thus, they try to get inside secretly. Seeing them, Kim Hwan calls the police again. Amidst the commotion, someone steals Kim Hwan’s bicycle. 

The next day at school, Kim Do-Geon brings a bicycle that looks exactly like Kim Hwan’s. After seeing it, the latter accuses him of stealing it. No matter how much Kim Do-Geon and Kim Joo-An try to convince him that they have not stolen it, he refuses to believe it. As such, it creates a huge misunderstanding between them, leading to a physical fight. Another boy, Jeong Ho-Su (Ahn Ji-Ho), also ends up in the fight, and they all receive punishment except for Kim Hwan.

The teacher gives them detention, where they have to clean a room in the school. There, they see Min Ce-In, who is already in detention. Later on, the episode introduces two more young boys, Jeon Je-Ha (Jeon Jin-Seo) and Park Ha-Ru (Kim Yoon-Woo). The six of them share a great bond. 

Towards the end of the Begins ≠ Youth episode, viewers see the misunderstanding regarding the bicycle between Kim Hwan and the other boys disappear. It happens after Min Ce-In finds Kim Hwan’s stolen bicycle and returns it to him.

The following day, Kim Hwan returns Kim Do-Geon’s bicycle to him, which he took as revenge. He also gives him the wage money he lost at his house. Kim Hwan then apologizes to them. At the end of episode 1, the six boys stand in a line in front of the school as a punishment. After arriving at school, Kim Hwan also joins them in the line.

Viewers can watch Begins ≠ Youth episode 1 on Xclusive.