When Is It Coming Out on Disney Plus?

The Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Disney Plus release date is around the corner, and viewers are wondering when they can start streaming the third season of the anime. Viewers are interested in seeing Tokyo Revengers Season 3 as they cannot wait to see Takemichi jump back and forth between timelines once again.

Here’s when the third season of Tokyo Revengers is coming out on Disney Plus.

When is the Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Disney Plus release date?

The Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Disney Plus release date is October 4, 2023.

The story of Tokyo Revengers follows Takemichi Hanagaki, a 26-year-old who has a rather gloomy life until he learns that his ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana died in a dispute involving the Tokyo Manji Gang. The next day, Takemichi is pushed off a railway platform by a mysterious person. Before he is hit, however, he travels back in time to twelve years ago, back when he was dating Hinata. Takemichi then does everything in his power to prevent her tragic fate.

Tokyo Revengers features the voice talents of Yuuki Shin, Azumi Waki, Ryota Osaka, Yuu Hayashi, Tasuhisa Suzuki, Takuma Terashima, Yuya Hirose, Shunsuke Takeuchi, and Shota Hayama, among other cast members.

When is Tokyo Revengers Season 3 coming out via streaming?

Tokyo Revengers will be available to watch via streaming on Disney Plus on October 4, 2023. Viewers will be able to stream it at 3:00 AM following the premiere on JST at 12:00 AM JST.

Current Disney Plus subscribers will be able to watch the series when it airs, and if you haven’t already subscribed to the service, you can do so below:

The official synopsis for Tokyo Revengers reads:

“Takemichi Hanagaki is a freelancer who’s reached the absolute pits of despair in his life. He finds out that the only girlfriend he ever had, in middle school, Hinata Tachibana, had been killed by the ruthless Tokyo Manji Gang. The day after hearing about her death, he’s standing on the station platform and ends up being pushed over onto the tracks by a herd of people. He closes his eyes thinking he’s about to die, but when he opens his eyes back up, he somehow had gone back in time 12 years. Now that he’s back living the best days of his life, Takemichi decides to get revenge on his life.”

For more Disney Plus updates, check out the streamer’s release schedule for September 25-October 1, 2023.

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