Who Are the Dalton Scientist Couple in the MCU?

Rosa Dalton’s name pops up in Secret Invasion episode 2, though there isn’t much information about who exactly she is. While we’re told that she is part of a husband and wife couple that is helping Gravik, many details remain a mystery. Here’s what we know about Secret Invasion’s Rosa Dalton so far.

Who is Rosa Dalton in Secret Invasion?

Rosa Dalton in Secret Invasion is a scientist working on something to help Gravik and the Skrulls.

While it’s not yet clear what Rosa Dalton and her husband are doing to help Gravik, it’s clear that it’s some kind of experiment that will strengthen the Skrulls, likely giving them the capability to take the Earth for themselves.

While looking for information on Rosa Dalton, G’iah finds details about samples collected from Groot, alien lifeforms, and the Extremis Virus. It’s likely that Dalton is tied to these and his experiments involve utilizing one or more of these resources to enhance the Skrull army.

It’s not clear if the Daltons are working for Gravik because they support his cause, or if they are being threatened. Either way, they are clearly important to Gravik and, now that Sonya Falsworth is aware of the scientist couple, he will be looking to protect them.

Now that she is aware of the Daltons, Sonya will no doubt make a push to stop them from helping Gravik. Expect her and MI6 forces to join the fight in the next couple of episodes.

With Nick Fury now operating alone, it’s unclear how he will rejoin the fight. It’s possible that Sonya will reach out to him or G’iah may have a change of heart.

For more Secret Invasion content, here’s how the Extremis Virus could return to the MCU and power Super Skrulls. Also, here’s a deeper look into Charlayne Woodard, who plays Nick Fury’s wife.

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