Who is Proximus? Is He Related to Caesar?

Very few cinematic antagonists have been as dynamic and megalomaniac in recent years as Proximus Caesar of Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. Portrayed by Kevin Durand, Proximus is the perfect foil for the hero, Noa. He is ambitious, brutal, and has no qualms about killing and enslaving other apes. At the same time, he is enigmatic and charming and holds the original Caesar in high regard. This has made fans wonder who Proximus Caesar really is and whether he is related to Caesar.

Here’s what’s known about Proximus and his relationship with Caesar.

Who is Proximus Caeser in Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes?

Proximus is the bonobo leader of a clan of apes residing in the coastal areas. He clearly understands the showmanship aspect of leadership, wearing a loincloth and a crown and using music to underscore his authority over the other apes. Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes offers a retrospection of modern religions through Proximus. The film takes place centuries after Caesar’s death, at a time when the original leader of the ape has become a revered figure.

In his pursuit of power and control, Proximus twists Caesar’s teachings to fit his narrative. He also has a deep fascination with humanity. With the help of his human tutor, Trevathan (William H. Macy), Proximus has learned their history, literature, and how they once were the dominant species in the world. One of his main objectives in the film is to get access to an old human vault, as he knows there might be technology and weapons inside.

No, Proximus is not related to Caesar. As mentioned above, Proximus is an evolved bonobo, whereas the original Caesar was an evolved chimpanzee. While the two species are closely related to each other, there are significant differences.

Proximus likely began using “Caesar” as part of his name to draw a connection between himself and the legendary leader from their history. It allows him to depict himself as the new savior of all apes. However, his actions are that of a cruel despot. He enslaves and slaughters humans and apes alike and cares about nothing beyond accumulating more power.