Wolverine fan film “Logan the Wolf” imagines Marvel hero as viking

A new fan film centering around Wolverine puts the character in the viking era, even bringing another favorite Marvel character to the short.

We may still be more than two months out from Deadpool & Wolverine but that doesn’t mean we don’t have new content with the latter. Well, sort of. Hugh Jackman may not have had anything to do with it but a new fan film making its way around the web has given Wolverine his most badass makeover in some time, putting him in viking garb and reinterpreting the Marvel character in a way we didn’t know we needed!

After a precautionary disclaimer saying the Wolverine fan film is not meant to capitalize on the property (hey, you never know what Disney will sue for), we hear a character growl, “I am wrath. I am chaos and violence. I am death and resurrection. I am Fenrir’s fury,” before going into the action. And there is some pretty incredible action here, with the titular hero of Logan the Wolf doing pretty much everything he promised in his furious prologue, with a strong amount of blood and gore (what an inventive Glasgow smile!), some frenetic camerawork and production values that show just how much French filmmaker Godefroy Ryckewaert and his team love not only the character but making movies. (He also has a Captain America short worth seeing.) And just so we can give credit where it’s due, Teddy Massons serves as DP, Warlegends did the fight choreography and Maxime Ecoiffier plays Logan. There’s also a fun surprise that gives another reason to check out this fan film. As of publication, the video has just under 350,000 views.

When done right, fan films such as Logan the Wolf can truly do something unique with a character, balancing homage and creativity in a way that we never expected. And that’s just what this Wolverine fan film – running about 12 minutes – is, serving as the latest example of a work of admiration and respect that a studio couldn’t possibly greenlight. The same might be said of The Hunt for Gollum, a Lord of the Rings fan film that caught the ire of Warner Bros. 15 years after it was uploaded once views rose dramatically following the announcement of a movie with the same name. (Don’t worry, though, you can still find it online.)

The promotional material for Deadpool & Wolverine has been dynamite so far, so just consider this fan film another work to get us ready for July 26th.