Actor Ju Ji Hoon Reveals He Was a Victim of School Violence

Ju Ji Hoon is a highly acclaimed South Korean actor. He is known for outstanding performances in Kingdom, The Spy Gone North, Jirisan, and more. The actor has recently made a guest appearance on the hit YouTube show called Stingy Brother Shin Dong Yup.

The show’s new episode arrived on YouTube on Monday, April 8, 2024. Actor Ju Ji Hoon opened up about his experience with school bullying. He has revealed that he never took part in any school violence but was a victim of school bullying.

Actor Ju Ji Hoon discloses that he was bullied in high school

As mentioned earlier, well-known actor Ju Ji Hoon has recently disclosed that he had faced school violence. After appearing on Stingy Brother Shin Dong Yup, he reveals that he was a victim of bullying in school. As per Sedaily, the actor says, “I did not participate in school violence when I was young, but rather was a victim.”

On the YouTube show, Ju Ji Hoon expressed that he felt fortunate that he did not participate in any school bullying or violence. He says that others have bullied him in school instead. He has explained, “That’s why I’m so fortunate. My profession is an actor, but I’m so (lucky) that I didn’t do that when I was young.”

He added, “Not at all!…On the contrary, I was bullied by them until I graduated from high school,…A group of people in that group demanded that I submit to them.”

He also explained that the bullies did not bully him due to his big appearance. Instead, the bullies formed groups and started fighting. He says, “They didn’t bully me because I was bigger, but when I got to middle school, they started fighting in groups”

Actor Ju Ji Hoon stars as the lead character, Woo Chae Woon, in the highly-awaited thriller K-drama Blood Free. It will debut on Disney Plus on April 10, 2024.