George Carlin’s latest victim of AI in fake stand-up special

George Carlin is the latest victim of unapproved artificial intelligence, with a “new stand-up” hitting the internet. It seems fairly often that we come across a hot-button issue in the world of politics or an absurdity in our culture and wonder, What would George Carlin think? Now, thanks to a new stand-up special titled George … Read more

Epstein Victim Forced to Massage ‘Simpsons’ Creator’s Feet

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening allegedly received a foot massage from one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims — and apparently his feet were so “funky” she almost vomited during the ordeal. According to The Mirror, in a manuscript for a memoir released alongside the hundreds of legal documents unsealed this past Wednesday (Jan. 3), Epstein accuser … Read more

Jonathan Majors’ Alleged Victim Given Temporary Order of Protection

It was reported on Thursday that Jonathan Majors’ alleged victim has been granted a full temporary order of protection by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office. According to The Hollywood Reporter, press secretary for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Doug Cohen has said the order was granted “for the victim” and that it has “the consent … Read more

SBIFF 2023: Miranda’s Victim, American Outlaws: Faces of True Crime | Festivals & Awards

While Weir story is at the heart of “Miranda’s Victim,” there is no such rooting interest for the fugitives in “American Outlaws,” which belongs to the “only in America” true subgender crime. That’s the tack that QG writer Kathy Dobie took in her long-form piece, “The Whole True Story of the Dougherty Gang,” which was … Read more