Beauty and Mr. Romantic Episode 9 Trailer: Ji Hyun-Woo Gets Hurt

Ahead of Beauty and Mr. Romantic’s episode 9, KBS dropped its trailer. The video clip shows what will happen in the upcoming episodes of the Saturday-Sunday drama. Starring Im Soo-Hyang and Ji Hyun-Woo in the lead, the rom-com drama is slowly gaining the audience’s attention.

The drama’s storyline revolves around a top Korean actress, Park Do-Ra (Soo-Hyang), and a producing director, Go Pil-Seung (Hyun-Woo). When Do-Ra faces a rough patch in her career, Pil-Seung helps her get back on her feet. In the process, love blooms. However, so far, Do-Ra and Pil-Seung have reconciled their differences and reminisced about their childhood days.

Beauty and Mr. Romantic episode 9 trailer teases Im Soo-Hyang’s feelings for Ji Hyun-Woo

KBS dropped the trailer for Beauty and Mr. Romantic, episode 9. It begins with Park Do-Ra’s mother gauging her eyes on a diamond neckpiece. In the following clip, she bets on a gamble and loses it. Meanwhile, in another scene, a girl is seen getting close to Go Pil-Seung, and it looks like Do-Ra does not like that closeness. She gets flustered and exudes ‘jealousy’?

Thinking about it at night, she wakes up now and then and starts to get nightmares. In another scene, Go Pil-Seung shares a happy moment with his father. The trailer video concludes with Park Do-Ra (Im Soo-Hyang) and Pil-Seung doing a scene together. He gets hurt after banging his head on a log of wood, leaving Do-Ra scared. She starts to cry and asks him not to drop dead.

The viewers love Im Soo-Hyang and Go Pil-Seung’s chemistry in the K-drama. They have been exuding friends to enemies to lovers troupe. Don’t forget to watch Beauty and Mr. Romantic every Saturday and Sunday at 7:55 p.m. KST. It will air on KBS.