Argylle trailer only includes footage from the first 28 minutes

Matthew Vaughn says the Argylle trailer only includes footage from first 28 minutes to avoid spoiling some “f**king mind-blowing cool shit.” There’s nothing worse than a trailer that spoils the movie it’s supposed to be promoting, but that won’t be a problem for Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle. The first full trailer for the upcoming spy adventure … Read more

Gushing Over Magical Girls New Trailer Unveils Additional Cast & Release Date

A new Gushing Over Magical Girls trailer is here, posted recently on the anime’s official website. Akihiro Ononaka’s manga, “Gushing Over Magical Girls”, is getting a brand-new television anime, and it unveiled its second promotional trailer video. This latest update brought forth more revelations about the anime, including its release date, new cast members, three … Read more

HBO Reveals First Look Trailer For ‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2

Behold the first image from House of the Dragon Season 2, featuring Matt Smith back in his central role from the acclaimed first season of the Game of Thrones spinoff. Today at the CCXP23 convention in Brazil, HBO and Max premiered the first brief teaser for the upcoming second season of the show. Take a look at it below: … Read more

First ‘Fallout’ TV Trailer Emerges From the Vault

Often great video games are favorably described as “cinematic.” And yet for decades, truly cinematic adaptations of video games eluded Hollywood. But in recent years, it seems like the people in making these adaptations are starting to get the hang of it, and we have seen things like the not terrible Sonic the Hedgehog movies and the genuinely … Read more