Corner Office Trailer Previews Jon Hamm & Danny Pudi Comedy Movie

Lionsgate has revealed the Corner Office trailer for its forthcoming workplace comedy movie, starring Golden Globe winner Jon Hamm and Community’s Danny Pudi. It is scheduled to premiere on August 4 in theaters and on digital and VOD.

The video introduces Hamm’s Orson, a new employee who’s determined to climb up the corporate ladder. However, he struggles to adapt to his new work environment. Things change when he finds a mysterious big office that seems to unlock his potential and confidence. The only problem is everyone keeps telling him that the room doesn’t exist, leading him to clash with his colleagues.

Check out the Corner Office trailer below (watch more trailers):

Who’s Involved in Corner Office?

Corner Office is directed by Joachim Back from a screenplay written by Ted Kupper. The comedy stars Jon Hamm as Orson, Danny Pudi as Rakesh, Christopher Heyerdahl as Andrew, Sarah Gadon, Shawn Macdonald as Bradley and more.

“In this workplace comedy reminiscent of Office Space and Severance, misfit Orson finds himself trapped in the absurdities of corporate life,” reads the synopsis. “As The Authority’s newest employee, Orson finds it difficult to connect with his enigmatic desk mate, Rakesh, as well as with the rest of his colleagues. His alienation deepens when he discovers a room he’s told doesn’t exist – a place that unleashes his true potential, leading to an ascent up the corporate ladder. Buoyed by his newfound confidence, Orson invites a receptionist into his sanctuary, sparking a climactic clash between the corporate world’s harsh realities and his own wild fantasies.”

It is executive produced by Robert Ogden Barnum, Ray Fortier, Lucas Jarach, Jonas Karlsson, Theodore Melfi, Kimberly Quinn, and Niclas Salomonsson. Producers are Matt Clarke, Dylan Thomas Collingwood, Andrew Harvey, Kirby Jinnah, David Milchard, Robert Mitchell, Oliver Ridge, and Luke Rivett.