Dark Descent Trailer Lays Out Story & New Xenomorph

It’s Alien Day and Focus Entertainment is celebrating by revealing more about its own Aliens games, Aliens: Dark Descent. This latest trailer may be labeled as a pre-order trailer, but it lays out the strategy game’s story and teases its new breed of xenomorph.

This new xenomorph seemed to be near the end of the trailer and was a slightly different take on the standard monster with its fleshier colors and more human-like teeth. There was also a humanoid creature that had all sorts of tubes coming out of it in a way that would likely make HR Giger happy. They appear to be at the center of a story about smuggling creatures, but it was all rather vague, so there’s still likely plenty to uncover.

Aliens: Dark Descent Trailer Lays Out Story & New Xenomorph

The pre-order options were strangely not in this pre-order trailer, but Focus did list the pre-order incentives on its website. Those who purchase the $39.99 game on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or PC before June 20 get the Lethe Recon Pack which comes with black armor for the player’s squad and a unique cat companion. This furry feline is likely a nod to Jones, the cat from Alien.

There were only brief snippets of actual gameplay in the trailer, but Focus did drop a gameplay explainer in March detailing its tactical mechanics and how players can survive Dark Descent‘s punishing encounters.