Demons and Saviors Trailer Unveils Hulu’s True Crime Paranormal Docuseries

The trailer for Demons and Saviors unveils the Hulu true crime paranormal docuseries, which premieres on August 3. Consisting of three parts, it tells the story of Christina Boyer, who at one point was known as the “poltergeist girl.”
Check out the Demons and Saviors trailer below:

What’s Coming in Demons and Saviors?

Per the official logline, “The three-part series ‘Demons and Saviors’ tells the remarkable story of Christina Boyer– once infamously known as the “poltergeist girl,” now a woman convicted of murdering her three-year-old daughter. Thirty years into a life sentence, Christina still proclaims her innocence. The series follows a group of amateur sleuths who have become consumed by their obsession to exonerate her. Exploring Christina’s troubled upbringing, her alleged telekinetic abilities, and the questions that remain about the death of her daughter, ‘Demons and Saviors’ investigates what is the conspiracy and what is the truth.”

Demons and Saviors is produced by Latchkey Films and ABC News Studios. For Latchkey Films, Alex Waterfield is the series director and executive producer, and Tim Clancy, Jackie Jesko and Nick Capote are executive producers. For ABC News Studios, David Sloan is the senior executive producer and Muriel Pearson is executive producer.