Dinner with Leatherface documentary looks at the life and career of Gunnar Hansen

The documentary Dinner with Leatherface will cover the life and career of Gunnar Hansen. Interviews include Bruce Campbell, Barbara Crampton

Set on August 18, 1973, director Tobe Hooper’s classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (watch it HERE) was released in October of 1974 – and to mark the 50th anniversary of the events of the film and the 49th anniversary of the film itself, director Michael Kallio will soon be releasing Dinner with Leatherfacea documentary that looks at the life, career, and legacy of original Leatherface actor Gunnar Hansen. Dinner with Leatherface is expected to make its way out into the world this october.

Our friends at Bloody Disgusting note that “Hansen was a beloved figure in the horror community, but many fans didn’t know that he wasn’t just an actor. He was also a writer, poet, photographer, and documentary filmmaker. He continued to be involved with the horror film community through most of his life, attending horror conventions all over the world and speaking at film festivals up until his untimely death in 2015. He became close friends with Kallio after starring in the director’s debut feature Hatred of a Minute.

Kallio provided the following statement: “I want to show the person Gunnar really was. He was an incredibly intelligent, witty man of so many talents. And he was a complete gentleman who embraced all the love he received from his adoring fans. He meant so much to so many people. This film is really a tribute to him… a great friend that I miss every single day.

Coming our way from Kallio’s company Darkart Entertainment, Dinner with Leatherface was produced by Lowell Northrop and co-produced by Michael Felsher. The documentary will feature interviews with Hansen’s fellow actors Bruce Campbell, Barbara Crampton, Kane Hodder, and Brian O’Halloran, as well as his Texas Chainsaw Massacre collaborators Kim Henkel and Daniel Pearl. It will also contain never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage of Hansen on the set of The Texas Chainsaw Massacreand some of his personal photographs.

Northrop had this to say about the project: “This film will not only dig deep into his performance as Leatherface, but it will also shed light on how different he was in real life from that character. Gunnar was the quintessential ‘gentle giant’.

I’m a huge fan of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and of Hansen’s performance in the film, and I also enjoyed his performances in the other movies I’ve seen him in. I’m not familiar with his other works, but I’d like to learn more about them – and I’m really looking forward to watching Dinner with Leatherface.

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