Radio Silence’s Abigail could drain the life from The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare

Radio Silence’s Abigail could dance all over Guy Ritchie’s The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare at the box office. Two highly anticipated films are released this weekend: Radio Silence’s Abigail and Guy Ritchie’s The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. However, the release pattern for the latter is highly unusual, with Ritchie’s big-budget war epic only getting a … Read more

It’s Only Life After All movie review (2024)

Ray and Saliers met in grade school, and Amy was drawn to the guitar-playing Emily, who was a year older. They started making cassette recordings together; singing, harmonizing, and writing songs. The chemistry was immediate. There was a gap when they went to different colleges, but both ended up at Emory University, picking up where … Read more

Zachary Levi brings imagination and mayhem to life in the Harold and the Purple Crayon trailer

Zachary Levi goes full-on Green Lantern using the power of imagination in Sony’s Harold and the Purple Crayon trailer! The limits of imagination run wild in Sony Pictures’ trailer for Harold and the Purple Crayon, starring Zachary Levi as the keeper of a magical crayon able to bring any drawing to life! Based on the beloved … Read more

Why Did Lin Yi Want to End His Life?

The ongoing modern C-drama Angels Fall Sometimes released episode 21 on March 18, 2024. The drama features Lin Yi and Landy Li in the main roles. The episode focuses on Zhi Que (Landy Li) giving Lin Tuo (Lin Yi) reassurance after he has a mental breakdown. Zhi Que arrives at the hospital to check up … Read more

The Life Story You May Not Know

When it comes to leading men in Hollywood, Harrison Ford regularly lands at the top of the list. Known for bringing numerous iconic genre characters to life, Ford shot to fame in 1977 after portraying charismatic smuggler Han Solo in George Lucas’ smash-hit space opera Star Wars. Also known for his work in films like … Read more

Kate Winslet says being famous made her life miserable after the mind-blowing success of Titanic

Kate Winslet says her life became “quite unpleasant” after starring in James Cameron’s box office-breaking romance film Titanic. While Hollywood often tries to present itself as a glamorous and glitzy fantasyland, some actors know better than to believe the lie. With fame comes attention, and often it’s of the unwanted variety. Journalists and fans alike … Read more

Argylle Plummets, Lisa Frankenstein Doesn’t Come to Life

You know it’s a slow box office weekend when the big news story revolves around a film that won’t open for three more weeks. Dune: Part Two, you see, is tracking to open at around $65 million, according to box office analysts, which is welcome news considering the middling numbers this weekend. Argylle retook the … Read more

Richard Simmons Rejects Pauly Shore Biopic About His Life

The world was taken back to hear that none other than Pauly Shore was readying a feature film about the life of outlandish fitness guru Richard Simmons, which is currently being developed by a Hollywood production company. Even disregarding the casting of the title role, Simmons is a surprising choice of subject for a movie … Read more