Edge of History has been canceled

Disney+ has canceled National Treasure: Edge of History after one season, bringing the small-screen spinoff series to an end.

National Treasure: Edge of History, canceled, Disney+

The globe-trotting treasure hunt has come to an end. Deadline reports that Disney+ has canceled National Treasure: Edge of History after one season.

National Treasure: Edge of History revolved around Jess (Lisette Olivera), a brilliant and resourceful DREAMer who embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to uncover the truth about her family’s mysterious past and save a lost Pan-American treasure.

The series also starred Zuri Reed (Flatbush Misdemeanors) as Tasha, Jess’ ride-or-die friend who joins the treasure hunt but is forced to reevaluate her belief system to help her best friend; Antonio Cipriano (Jagged Little Pill) as Oren, a lovable but self-obsessed goofball with an encyclopedic knowledge of conspiracy theories that attempts to win back Tasha’s affections; Jordan Rodrigues (lady bird) as Ethan, Jess’ childhood best friend who has loved her since the day they met; Jake Austin Walker (Rectify) as Liam, a swoon-worthy struggling musician, with a permanent chip on his shoulder, who comes from a long line of treasure hunters; Catherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago) as Billie, a badass billionaire, black-market antiquities expert and treasure hunter who lives by her own code; and Lyndon Smith (parenthood) as FBI Agent Ross, a dogged investigator who begins to realize there’s a greater conspiracy at hand.

Edge of History also included a couple of nods to the movie franchise, as Justin Bartha reprized his character of Riley Poole in a guest-starring role. Poole appeared in the two National Treasure movies as a computer expert and a friend to Nicolas Cage’s Benjamin Gates. Harvey Keitel also briefly returned as FBI Special Agent Peter Sadusky.

Unfortunately, National Treasure: Edge of History didn’t receive the best reviews, so it’s understandable why it was canceled. In his review of the series, our own Alex Maidy said, “National Treasure: Edge of History tries to deliver some of the same goofy dialogue and charming puzzle-solving antics, but with the stakes scaled down significantly, this ends up feeling more like director Mira Nair never had a chance to elevate this material beyond a bland exercise in maintaining IP.“Maybe now we can finally get National Treasure 3 moving forward.