Black Twitter: A People’s History movie review (2024)

With “Black Twitter: A People’s History,” Penny assembles numerous journalists, scholars, comedians, and internet personalities, including W. Kamau Bell, Amanda Seales, Jemele Hill, Roxane Gay, Sam Jay, Brad Jenkins, Alicia Garza, and April Reign. Given the celebration of inclusivity, its aura is disappointingly exclusive as most of the subjects’ opinions are high-profile people with blue checks. … Read more

Saving Film History One Frame at a Time: A Preview of Restored & Rediscovered Series at the Jacob Burns Film Center | Festivals & Awards

“Bushman” was one revelation out of many. I felt excited over and over again as I found new gems to program for the Jacob Burns Film Center’s first festival celebrating film preservation and restoration, Restored & Rediscovered. Screening from May 13-23, the festival will highlight the important work of saving and restoring films so that … Read more

‘Unfrosted’ Has Two of the Craziest Cameos in Film History

The following post contains spoilers for Unfrosted. You might think what follows is made up. It does not sound real. I assure you, it is. Unfrosted is Jerry Seinfeld’s new Netflix comedy about the origins of the beloved breakfast food, the Pop-Tart. While the film does mention real companies and alludes to actual historical events — … Read more

The Best Stunts in Movie History

Stunts have been an integral part of filmmaking since the very beginning, providing the type of blood-pumping adrenaline rush that comes with seeing something unbelievable pulled off to perfection. There’s nothing we love more than staring openmouthed at a particularly incredible stunt, wondering how in the world they possibly did that without anyone getting seriously … Read more

San Francisco Silent Film Festival Highlights Unearthed Treasures of Film History | Festivals & Awards

The first evening show of the day was Frank Borzage’s “The Lady,” starring the incomparable Norma Talmadge. I first saw this film a few years back as part of the online component of Pordenone, but I may as well have never seen it for how much the big screen transformed the experience. Talmadge at one … Read more

A (Not So) Brief History of Silent Film Influences on Pop Music | Features

This version, which still plays at rep cinemas to this day, includes songs performed by Pat Benatar, Jon Anderson, Adam Ant, Cycle V, Loverboy, Billy Squier, Freddie Mercury, and Bonnie Tyler, the later of whom received a Grammy nomination for her rendition of “Here She Comes.” Mercury recorded “Love Kills,” his solo contribution to the … Read more

A Brief History of Movie Tie-In Food

I do not remember a time before movies and food were inextricably linked in my mind. As a kid, I ate cereal inspired by E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial. When I got a little older, I fixated on collecting cups from fast food restaurants emblazoned with the characters from blockbusters. (I still contend there has never been a more impressive … Read more

The Best Box Office Bombs in Movie History

In 2024, a movie is often labeled a success or failure before it’s even “opened” in theaters. In the parlance of the film industry, we still say that movies are “opening Friday.” But most of the top tentpoles begin screening on Thursdays — sometimes as early as 3PM in the afternoon. The box-office receipts from those early exhibitions are … Read more

The Worst Wins in Oscar History

It’s important to remember, especially in this day and age, that the Academy Awards are not a judge of any film’s quality. They’re an industry award ceremony heavily impacted by studio campaigning; occasionally that overlaps with making a choice that the masses can celebrate. Despite this, the Academy would love us to think the opposite, … Read more

Sundance 2024: Sebastian, Girls Will Be Girls, Brief History of a Family | Festivals & Awards

It’s in this tension that the film finds its greatest strength. While Mira has to learn how to navigate the world as a sexual being on her own, eventually she realizes her mother is an ally, that she was once a girl just like her, and together they have an emotional bond and a shared … Read more