Episode 19 of 80s Horror Memories Remembers The Rise Of TV Horror Anthologies

The latest episode of the 80s Horror Memories docu-series looks back at the Rise of TV Horror Anthologies


JoBlo.com recently launched a new weekly documentary series called 80s Horror Memories, and the first five episodes of the series were all dedicated to films that were released in 1980: Maniac, Dressed to Kill, AlligatorFriday the 13thThe ShiningProm Night, and The Fog. The second five episodes were a journey through 1981, covering The Funhouse, The Burning, Friday the 13th Part 2, My Bloody ValentineHalloween IIThe Evil DeadThe Howling, and An American Werewolf in London, as well as the careers of horror hosts Elvira and Joe Bob Briggs. The next five were, of course, all about movies that came out in 1982: Conan the BarbarianThe ThingHalloween III: Season of the Witch, and Poltergeist, with an examination of the short-lived 3-D boom along the way. Now the series is has entered 1983, and after getting started by talking about a trio of Stephen King adaptations, we’ve covered Jaws 3-D, Sleepaway Camp and now we’re taking a look at The Rise of TV Horror Anthologies.

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Here’s the info on 80s Horror MemoriesIt’s been over 40 years that the decade that shaped the horror movie industry began and having lived through most of those years personally, we at JoBlo/Arrow in the Head have decided to create a 10-part documentary series in which not only cover every nook and cranny of the biggest horror themes from 1980 to 1989 but also what was happening in the world at the time. Join us as we walk down Horror Memory Lane!

And here’s the info on this particular episode: The 80s gave us some of our most iconic television series. But something unique about 80s TV was how it fed horror fans. The 80s gave us some of our most iconic television series. But something unique about 80s TV was how it fed horror fans. Get ready to find out how the size of the screen doesn’t change the volume of the scream, as we take a look back at the decade that gave us some of the best horror TV anthologies on 80s Horror Memories.

This episode of 80s Horror Memories was written by Jessica Dwyer, narrated by Tyler Nichols, edited by Juan Jimenez, produced by Berge Garabedian and John Fallon, co-produced by Mike Conway, and executive produced by Berge Garabedian. The score was provided by Shawn Knippelberg. This episode’s special guests are

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