Your Lucky Day Director Honors Late Star Angus Cloud Ahead of Film’s Release

July 31 was a sad day when the world found out that Euphoria’s Angus Cloud passed away at age 25. One of his films getting a post-humous release will be the crime thriller Your Lucky Day with director Dan Brown honoring the late actor.

Angus Cloud’s cause of death was an accidental overdose of methamphetamine, cocaine, fentanyl, and benzodiazepines. When an actor dies so young, you wonder what direction their life would have gone in as they got older. Dan Brown, the director of Cloud’s posthumous released movie Your Lucky Day, told Variety that he was looking forward to collaborating more with the 25-year-old.

“Maybe because I am a dad, I think about directing a little bit as being a dad to your cast. You’re there to take care of them,” Brown explained. “So I was imagining the future. I thought we would watch the movie together, and I could say to Angus, ‘Hey, look how great you are.’ I was hoping it would get him more parts. I was hoping I would see him in other things.”

It’s truly heartbreaking to wonder what could have been for Angus Cloud. He was an exceptional talent on Euphoria playing Fezco, a drug dealer with a heart of gold. In fact, his role in Your Lucky Day will be similar as he played a low-level street thug who steals the winning lottery ticket after accidentally killing its owner in a convenience store shootout. The director/writer revealed one wish he had for his upcoming movie.

“You know, you don’t make a small movie for no one to see it. So I just have all this wealth of responsibility for people to see it for him. I just hoped he would have loved it. And I hoped he would be proud of himself.”

How Did Angus Cloud Get the Role in Your Lucky Day?

During Angus Cloud’s time in Euphoria, he only had the coming-of-age movie North Hollywood under his belt. So, why did Dan Brown decide the young actor was perfect for his lead? It’s actually after showing the script to his wife, who watched all episodes of Euphoria. She recommended he pick “Fezco” to play Sterling. When casting calls were sent out, Brown was very happy to see Cloud’s name on the list. Even though the director saw a lot of audition tapes and considered alternatives, Brown still felt Cloud was the right man for the role. One Zoom meeting later, this television star would be playing his first film lead role.

“We always talk about acting as listening. And I think Angus did that better than almost anyone I’ve ever seen. People would say their lines, and then he sort of would take that in and react to it. As if he had just heard it himself,” said Brown.

The last text message Dan Brown sent to Angus Cloud was that Your Lucky Day would premiere at Fantastic Fest. Brown’s movie wrapped up when heard about Cloud passing away a couple of weeks after his 25th birthday. After his death, the indie film director decided his movie would not be complete without the words “For Angus” concluding the movie.

“It’s not really even mine anymore,” says Brown. “It’s really for him.”