Exclusive Murder Syndicate Trailer Previews New Action Thriller

ComingSoon is excited to debut the new trailer for Murder Syndicate.

This new action thriller from VMI Releasing is directed by Michael Matteo Rossi. It stars Jessica Morris (Role Models, One Life To Live), Steven Martini (Major Payne, The Curse of Downer’s Grove), Diane Robin (Minority Report, Robocop), Mark Justice (Section 8, Death Count), and Vernon Wells ( Mad Max: The Road Warrior, Commando).

Check out the exclusive trailer below (check out more trailers):

When is the Murder Syndicate release date?

The film will be released on Tuesday, June 13, 2023 on VOD and digital platforms.

“For decades, Isa has been the feared matriarch of a network of assassins and hitmen,” reads the film’s synopsis. “And although she’s close to retirement, she’s unsure which of her three kids (Cain, Becca and Jonah) will head the syndicate when she’s done. When she decides to bring her three children along for a big hit to see how things go, there’s a brutal firefight and, halfway through, Isa mysteriously falls ill. They all escape in a getaway car driven by Isa’s boyfriend, Zane, who has designs on taking over the empire. However, he’s not trusted by the kids, aside from Jonah; and, soon, betrayal, mistrust and in-fighting explode as control of the network is up for grabs.”