Fallout 3 Radio DJ Wants to Appear in Show

Erik Todd Dellums, the voice of Fallout 3’s Galaxy News Radio DJ Three Dog, is keen to be involved with the show for Fallout Season 2.

Three Dog Wants in on Fallout Season 2

Dellums, whose voice can be heard in The Dragon Prince and presence seen in Homicide Life on the Streets, responded to a fan clamoring for some Three Dog in the show. While Three Dog is situated on the other side of the country in Fallout lore, Dellums would be happy to play a new DJ in the hit Prime series

He was joined in wanting to appear on the show by Wes Johnson, the voice of several Fallout characters, including Mister Burke, Uncle Leo, and Fawkes in Fallout 3. Johnson also voiced the Protectrons which don’t feature in the show in Season 1.

The Fallout show creators Geneva Roberston-Dworest and Graham Wagner were recently asked what the future holds for the series and if Fallout Season 2 would follow the formula of the Fallout games, which often feature new characters, stories, and locations.

“We don’t want to do too many spoilers, but we are ideating right now on a potential season two,” said Robertson-Dworet. “Fans should look forward to the finale as a little flick towards what we’re going to do with a potential second season.”

Tax information revealed before that shows that a second season of the hit show was already in the works.