Hospital Playlist Actor Jo Jung-Suk on SBS Variety Show When I Have a Time

Hospital Playlist actor and singer Jo Jung-Suk will appear as a guest on the SBS variety show When I Have a Time. Jung-Suk, who debuted with The Nutcracker in 2004, now rules the Korean entertainment industry with his acting and singing skills. When I Have a Time is going to be a fun-filled entertainment program. … Read more

‘The Fall Guy’ Is Getting a Stunt Show at Universal Studios

What better way to commemorate the stunt-centered action of the new movie The Fall Guy than with a good old fashioned theme park stunt show? Just in time for The Fall Guy to premiere in theaters this spring, Universal has announced they are bringing a new stunt spectacular to their Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. Officially dubbed “The … Read more

Why ‘Eternals’ Should Have Been a Show Instead of a Movie

Marvel’s Eternals is one of the biggest critical and commercial disappointments in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. It had a really talented direector, an incredible cast that included Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington, and Kumail Nanjiani, and one of our favorite weird Marvel comics, created by Jack Kirby. So what went wrong? That’s the subject of our … Read more

Heroes creator Tim Kring is rebooting the sci-fi drama series into a new show titled Heroes: Eclipse

Heroes creator Tim Kring is rebooting the superpowered series again with a cast of new characters for Heroes: Eclipse. Save the cheerleader. Save the world. Heroes creator Tim Kring made the mission sound so easy in 2006, but as we all know, things are more complex when people with supernatural abilities start running amok. Thankfully, we’re getting … Read more

WIll Christopher Nolan direct an adaptation of the cult 60s TV show?

Is Christopher Nolan going to adapt the psychedellic sixties spy series, The Prisoner, into his next feature film? After earning seven Academy Awards for his latest opus, Oppenheimer, everyone wants to know what Christopher Nolan will be doing next. The short answer, of course, is anything he wants. But, buried within a Variety report about how … Read more

Robert Downey Jr+ Godzilla are winners & Cena steals the show; keep up with all the winners here!

And, the Oscars are off to a mild start, with Jimmy Kimmel making some pretty safe digs, including some references to Robert Downey Jr’s checkered history (which we are happy to play along to) and Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s genetic perfection (he ain’t wrong). Plus, there was a close-up of Anatomy of a Fall’s … Read more

Dark Star’s Raw Ingredients Show a Bright Future

This year marks the 50th anniversary of John Carpenter’s feature-length directorial debut. ComingSoon will cover each of the horror master’s films throughout 2024 as we chart his career from humble beginnings with a beach ball to the change in career direction that saw him bow out of movies for a while. Back in 1974, a … Read more