The Cobra Kai creators on how they cast 80s legend C. Thomas Howell in their new show

The creators of Cobra Kai are back with Obliterated and have given 80s icon C. Thomas Howell his best role in years. Recently, I was lucky enough to interview Cobra Kai creators Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Heald about their brand-new Netflix show, Obliterated. The series, which follows a very inebriated Navy SEAL team … Read more

Carl Rinsch blew $55 million budget of cancelled Netflix show

47 Ronin director Carl Rinsch blew a sizeable chunk of a $55 million Netflix budget on cryptocurrency and stock market gambles. Even for Netflix, $55 million is a huge chunk of cash to drop on a series…especially if they don’t receive a single completed episode. But that’s just what happened when Netflix put 47 Ronin … Read more

Ted Prequel Series Photo From Peacock Show Revealed by Seth MacFarlane

Ted and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has revealed a Ted photo from the upcoming prequel series that’s set to debut on Peacock. In a post made from his official Twitter account, MacFarlane revealed an image of the titular teddy bear sitting at a kitchen table, which was done by Framestore Melbourne. “An image from … Read more

Netflix Made a ‘Squid Game’ Game Show, It Looks Truly Disturbing

Netflix’s most-watched TV series — really its most-watched content of any kind ever — remains Squid Game, the fascinating and terrifying Korean drama about a secret life-or-death game played by 456 contestants, one of whom will win a massive cash prize while the rest will wind up massively dead. It’s a pretty bold premise for a fictional drama … Read more

‘Fallout’ TV Show Announces Streaming Premiere

Today is apparently “Fallout Day” which doesn’t make any sense because today is also apparently National Talk Show Host Day. How can one date on the calendar have two totally different phony holidays attached to it? It does not compute. Regardless, one nice part about this B.S. holiday is that Fallout fans now know precisely when the long-awaited … Read more

Their Show Was the Gateway: Matt Singer on His New Book, Opposable Thumbs: How Siskel & Ebert Changed Movies Forever | Interviews

The Appendix is a masterstroke in how it honors what Gene and Roger did in passionately championing work that they believed in. I was especially happy to see Nancy Savoca’s “Household Saints” on there, which I struggled to find online after watching its rave review on “Siskel & Ebert” [you can view it at the … Read more

Disney Will Make a ‘Gargoyles’ Live-Action Show

All ’90s kids harbor massive nostalgic feelings for the “Disney Afternoon,” the weekday afternoon programming block featuring a rotating variety of Disney animated TV series. Most of the Disney Afternoon’s biggest shows were spinoffs or updates of existing Disney properties, like DuckTales featuring Scrooge McDuck (and its later spinoff Darkwing Duck), or TaleSpin featuring characters from The Jungle Book.  Maybe the … Read more