Fantasia 2023 Interview: Jenn Wexler Launches The Sacrifice Game | Interviews

Something that’s really important to me as well is everyone getting comfortable with each other’s energy. That’s really more, for me, what rehearsals are about. And then, when we’re blocking and rehearsing on set, that’s finding the nuances of the scene. But the language is already there because we’ve talked about it a lot.

It sounds like there’s a process of discovery as you’re shooting.

Yeah. I think you have your North Star, and then it’s about connection and everyone feeling safe. That’s important, too. A set is a crazy place. There’s so much going on, and it’s so hard for actors. 

Especially with someone like Georgia, who’s shooting their first movie. 

I have such respect for actors. You have to go in front of all these people doing all their things, with all the hecticness of production. Then you have to pour your soul out in front of everybody. That’s why I want everyone to feel really safe. 

Some actors are 100% in right away. Others need more warm-up, so you do a couple more takes so they can sink into it. That’s part of the process, too, discovering how everybody works.

Speaking of everybody getting on the same page—how does that work with the behind-the-scenes departments, like cinematography or production design?

I’m obsessed with lookbooks. I make my overall lookbook for the film, and then I make lookbooks for each department. And it’s specific to the department—I want to evoke these movies with the camera. I want to evoke this kind of look with the production design. That’s how I start the conversation, so again, everybody knows the world that they’re playing in. Then once everybody knows the world they’re playing in, I’m so open to ideas. At that point, I’m like, “Please, you’re the expert in your department. I’m thrilled to have amazing ideas and for you to bring it.”

But communication is super important. Obviously, you have to have all your prep meetings so everyone knows logistically what’s going on with each other and who’s doing what. Sometimes it’s confusing: For example, is a watch a prop or costume? You’re figuring out things like that. But I want everybody to be on the same page right from the outset so that the ideas are all in the same sandbox.

“The Sacrifice Game” will launch on Shudder later this year.