His Presence Looms Large: Lisa Cortés on Little Richard: I Am Everything | Interviews

And you needed access to the cover versions of Richard’s hits by artists like Elvis and Pat Boone. You needed to show the blandness of Pat Boone’s cover of “Tutti Frutti” next to the power of the original.  [laughs] As hard as he tries to swing it, I think he’s still waiting for the spirit … Read more

Dan Callahan on His New Book, Bing and Billie and Frank and Ella and Judy and Barbra | Interviews

There’s also a live concert she did in Germany in 1954 where she sings “I Cover the Waterfront” with Carl Drinkard on piano, and it’s Billie at her best. When she sings a lyric like “the great unknown,” she’s in touch with the great unknown, and she makes you in touch with it, too. Frank … Read more

Triage Is a Huge Part of Filmmaking: Laura Moss on Birth/Rebirth | Interviews

Still, “birth/rebirth” is in no way an adaptation of the novel. I haven’t seen a faithful adaptation of the novel yet. With a male doctor, the horror of creation is about abandoning your creation. To me, it’s funny that when women do it, they have to raise it together. [laughs] They don’t get to abandon … Read more

I Can’t Believe I’m Making This Movie: Josh Greenbaum on Strays | Interviews

So that’s really what pulled me in from the get-go on this script. Yes, it’s a fun, outrageous R-rated talking dog movie. Still, it’s also a metaphor for being in an unhealthy, toxic relationship and how to deal with that, how to get out of it, and how your friends come and help you through … Read more

Maybe the Horror is in the Breakfast Room: Stewart Thorndike on Bad Things | Interviews

In 2015, Thorndike, along with Jennifer Phang and Nikole Beckwith, became one of the inaugural recipients of the San Francisco Film Society’s Women Filmmaker Fellowships, which was launched to support female writer/directors working towards their second or third narrative feature. Eventually, this became “Bad Things,” which recently premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. The film … Read more

Extremely Grotesque: Park Chan-wook on Oldboy | Interviews

Revenge is a very classical and mythological story subject. So is incest.  Because I’d already dealt with the division of the Korean peninsula in “Joint Security Area (JSA)” and class conflict within South Korea in “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance,” I didn’t want to handle yet another timely social issue in my next work. I wanted … Read more

Empathy Comes With Maturity: Ira Sachs on Passages | Interviews

Rogowski also fills out the extraordinary wardrobe that costume designer Khadija Zeggaï created in collaboration with you for his character—the sheer dragon-print crop top, a green sweater, and the snakeskin jacket. I like the term “fills out,” because it’s partially about the strength of his body. He actually does fill those clothes. If skin was … Read more