Jean-Pierre Jeunet Isn’t Anything Like Amélie, but He’s Trying | Interviews

No, but every day you find some other ideas, of course. Do fans still send you photos of gnomes in different parts of the world? No, but today I received a photograph from a butcher in India or China watching “Amélie” [at work]. Two or three years ago, they [held] a screening in Cannes on … Read more

America’s Greatest Threat? A New Documentary Argues It’s Christian Nationalism | Interviews

“God & Country,” which is produced by Rob Reiner, opens today. Earlier this week, I spoke to Partland via Zoom, curious to probe the troubling implications of his film. Below, Partland discusses his own religious background, why he thinks those on the left need to find common ground with moderate religious conservatives, and what’s up … Read more

Edward Zwick Is Revisiting His Past, Wondering About His Future | Interviews

Your last film, “Trial by Fire,” was 2018. Do you ever think, “Was that the last one I’ll ever direct?” I think I felt that every time that I finished a movie and took a couple of years to get [another] movie going. I was sick 17 years ago [Editor’s note: Zwick was diagnosed with … Read more

Female Filmmakers in Focus: Erige Sehiri on Under the Fig Trees | Interviews

You mentioned earlier that the leaves of the fig trees are so big they block out the sun. But there is still so much light in this film. Can you talk a bit about working with your cinematographer to capture that naturalistic light? I think our countries have so much light. That’s what you don’t … Read more

​Take Time To Savor It: Trần Anh Hùng on The Taste of Things | Interviews

As a filmmaker, you’ve often depicted cooking as a love language. From where does this interest originate?  I think that it comes from my childhood, and from my mother. My parents were workers, and we were not rich. The place where I lived, in a remote town in the center of Vietnam, was very ugly; … Read more

The Perfection of the Human Soul: The Cast of Groundhog Day Celebrates Harold Ramis | Interviews

Returning to the Woodstock Square to film the Super Bowl commercial was super-special. Bill is one of the best actors I have ever worked with. There was never a take where he wasn’t in the moment a hundred percent, and a la Ed K. Martin, told the truth. They brought me in from the airport … Read more

Artists We Spoke to in 2023: Some of Our Favorite Interviews | Interviews

Raine Allen-Miller on “Rye Lane” Working with a DP that knows how to light Black skin is so important, obviously. I think, especially when “Moonlight” came out and “Insecure,” there was so much talk about how well the Black skin people had been lit. And I think it’s ridiculous that it didn’t happen sooner, right? … Read more