Han So-Hee To a Fan’s Question Amid Break-Up Controversy

Gyeonseong Creature actress Han So-Hee recently took to her Instagram handle and shared some pictures. In one of the slides of her post, a diary note shows a response to a fan’s concern. 

Earlier, after acknowledging her relationship with the South Korean actor Ryu Jun-Yeol, So-Hee shared that they have parted ways. The news of their relationship came under the spotlight after the duo was spotted vacationing together. Now, the actress, who was embroiled in a recent controversy surrounding her and Jun-Yeol’s ex-girlfriend, Hyeri, has also updated her followers about her present situation and mental health.

Han So-Hee shares how she is holding up after her breakup with Ryu Jun-Yeol

In the series of pictures shared on the Instagram handle, one of her fans’ messages read (originally in Korean), “Are you Han So-Hee? If so, I just wanted to ask if you are well these days. I can’t pretend to know because I’m afraid it will be a nuisance while you’re resting. I like you a lot.”

The Nevertheless actress responded, “Yes, that’s right. Thank you for noticing me. Lately, um… I’ve been trying to change my thoughts again. Thanks to you, I’ve become more motivated today. Thank you for pretending to know!”

Han So-Hee and Ryu Jun-Yeol were reportedly set to feature in the upcoming K-drama, Delusion (literal translation). However, after their breakup controversy, the actors are no longer a part of the project. The Reply 1988 actor’s agency confirmed it.

As reported by a Korean outlet, Ryu Jun-Yeol’s agency, C-Jes Studios, shared, “Ryu Jun-Yeol was in the early stages of reviewing [the offer to star in] ‘Delusion,’ and it is true that the production company requested that we discontinue the discussions. As we should not cause any damage to the project, we felt responsible for this incident and agreed to suspend the review.”

Han So-Hee was recently seen in Gyeonseong Creature Part 2 alongside Park Seo-Joon.