Why Are Fans Angry Over New Vinyl Release?

Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish have become involved in an online controversy following Eilish’s comments about vinyl variants of music albums in an interview, which has been interepreted by some as a jibe against Swift. Accordingly, dedicated fans of both artists have taken to social media to voice their opinions. Here are all the details … Read more

Ana de Armas Fans Settle Lawsuit Over ‘Yesterday’ Trailer

A lawsuit that threatened to hold movie studios accountable for the content of their trailers — especially the ones that weren’t especially accurate depictions of their subjects — has been settled. It all stemmed from the Danny Boyle movie Yesterday. The film imagines a world where a musician (Himesh Patel) gets into an accident and when he wakes … Read more

Han So-Hee To a Fan’s Question Amid Break-Up Controversy

Gyeonseong Creature actress Han So-Hee recently took to her Instagram handle and shared some pictures. In one of the slides of her post, a diary note shows a response to a fan’s concern.  Earlier, after acknowledging her relationship with the South Korean actor Ryu Jun-Yeol, So-Hee shared that they have parted ways. The news of their relationship came … Read more

Fans need to get used to Master Chief without his helmet in Halo

Pablo Schreiber says if you don’t like seeing Master Chief without his helmet, you’d better get used to it or stop watching the Halo series. Master Chief is never seen without his helmet. While that statement may be true of the video-game franchise, the live-action Halo TV series wasted little time in removing Master Chief’s … Read more

Tom Cruise thanks fans after Dead Reckoning awards win

Tom Cruise made a video thanking fans and critics after Dead Reckoning won the Golden Tomato for Best-Reviewed Action & Adventure Movie. Awards season typically puts more dramatic fare at the forefront, with the occasional comedy or blockbuster sneaking in. But even if the Golden Globes won’t start a revolution with their inaugural Cinematic and … Read more

Female Fans Go Viral With Videos Showing How They Love Star Wars

If you’re active on social media, especially on Instagram and TikTok, you might be seeing a bunch of videos made by and featuring women celebrating their love of Star Wars — all set to the same audio of another woman talking for about 20 seconds about how we don’t need more female characters in Star Wars because “women don’t even watch Star Wars.” … Read more