Is Emilia Clarke’s Character Dead?

Secret Invasion episode 3 ended with the apparent death of G’iah, one of the protagonists of the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe series. But is G’iah dead? What happened to Emilia Clarke’s character? Here’s what you need to know. Beware of spoilers.

Does G’iah die in Secret Invasion episode 3?

Apparently, G’iah is dead at the end of Secret Invasion.

There is an unwritten rule that a character isn’t dead until their death is officially announced, but G’iah’s death looked pretty believable. The character portrayed by Clarke was shot right in the chest at the end of Secret Invasion episode 3. The last time fans see her, she’s copiously bleeding and doesn’t seem to breathe anymore. In the storyline, her fate is upended, and it isn’t clear whether G’iah will return. For now, fans should assume G’iah is dead.

Why did Gravik shoot G’iah in Secret Invasion episode 3?

Gravik shot G’iah after discovering she was a double agent working for her father, Talos.

The leader of the Skrull rebellion suspected someone was crossing over to Skrulls working with the humans. To track down the spy, Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) revealed his plan to put down a United Nations plane to G’iah, who then sent her father a text with Gravik’s intention.

Thanks to G’iah’s help, Talos and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) prevent the missile airstrike from happening. Talos asks G’iah to escape from New Skrullos, but her escape fails when Gravik intercepts her. Gun to his head, Gravik states the most significant part of his plan was individuating the traitor. G’iah then asks him to look at her while firing the bullet, saying Gravik is the Skrulls’ worst enemy.

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