Rick and Michonne Return in Teaser for ‘Walking Dead’ Spinoff

Although The Walking Dead is technically over, the Walking Dead universe is somehow more busy than ever. (There may be a metaphor about zombies in here somewhere, I’m not sure.) There’s no less than three different spinoff shows on or coming to AMC, including The Walking Dead: Dead City, featuring Maggie and Negan, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon featuring, … Read more

Joss Ackland dead; Lethal Weapon 2 + Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey villain was 95

Joss Ackland, a character famous for playing bad guys in 80s and 90s movies, had passed away at 95. Joss Ackland, a familiar face to eighties and nineties movie fans, is dead at 95. According to Variety, the actor died of natural causes. Famous for playing the loathsome South African villain in Lethal Weapon 2, … Read more

Dead Mount Death Play Season 1 Episode 19 Release Date & Time on Crunchyroll

The Dead Mount Death Play Season 1 Episode 19 release date and time have been revealed. The episode will air on Crunchyroll. It will follow the necromancer from another world, the Corpse God, as he deals with the realities of his new existence in the body of Polka Shinoyama. In the pursuit of a more … Read more

Kiryu Is Dead, Long Live Joryu

Kazuma Kiryu is back, although he won’t be confirming this himself. Now going by the name Joryu, the Yakuza series protagonist returns in Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name. This smaller-scale interlude game in the series takes place concurrently with 2020’s Yakuza: Like a Dragon and shows how the “Dragon of … Read more

Exclusive Helen’s Dead Clip Shows a Tense Talk

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive Helen’s Dead clip from the Emile Hirsch-led mystery comedy movie. The film is set to release in theaters and through video-on-demand platforms on Friday, November 3, 2023. “Upon discovering her boyfriend, Adam (Emile Hirsch), is sleeping with her cousin Helen (Matilda Lutz), the aimless Addie (Dylan Gelula) goes to a … Read more

Richard Roundtree, beloved star of Shaft, dead at 81

Richard Roundtree, the legendary star of Shaft, is dead at 81 after a brief battle with pancreatic cancer. Who’s that black private dick who’s a sex machine to all the chicks? SHAFT! Sad news to report this evening, with Deadline reporting that the legendary Richard Roundtree, who played the iconic private eye Shaft in five … Read more

Dead Reckoning 2’ Delayed By a Year

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning – Part Two was slated for release in March of 2024. Unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait a bit longer. Not only that, but when we do see the movie, it might not even be called Dead Reckoning – Part Two anymore. Paramount has reportedly reassessed the title and realized that maybe the length … Read more