Is the MCU In Trouble After ‘Secret Invasion’?

Obviously the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not “dead” after Secret Invasion failed to live up to the audience‘s expectations. Even if the show wasn’t great, there are still lots more Marvel movies and shows already on the way. The MCU isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

But is it about to change in a big way? For more than a decade Marvel has had its own preferred method of making movies and shows, often putting visual development and design before their scripts. They would often plot out the major set pieces and then fit in the story around them. One candidate to direct an MCU movie publicly stated she was told not to worry about directing action scenes because those would be taken care of by Marvel’s in-house team.

But some recent critical flops (like Secret Invasion) and even some commercial disappointments have fans beginning to wonder if Marvel has to reset its priorities and its plans. In our latest video, we look at what could be improved at Marvel — and we also explore why it’s way too early to say the sky is falling over there. Watch the full video below:

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