Invasion of the Body Snatchers Limited Edition Blu-ray Coming 2024 for Sci-Fi Horror Classic

Phillip Kaufman’s classic 1978 sci-fi horror Invasion of the Body Snatchers celebrates its 45th anniversary next month. It will receive a limited edition Blu-ray early in 2024 from Arrow Video to mark the occasion. The Blu-ray includes a plethora of extras, including a panel conversation with esteemed genre critic Kim Newman, Kill List director Ben … Read more

How ‘The Marvels’ Makes ‘Secret Invasion’ Even Worse

Whatever else you think about The Marvels, good, bad, or ugly, it has a problem: It actively makes the previous Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show, Secret Invasion, even worse. It undermines all of that show’s storylines. It openly contradicts a lot of its plot points and cliffhangers. And it makes it impossible to reconcile the Nick Fury … Read more

How MCU Phase 4 Should Have Set Up ‘Avengers: Secret Invasion’

At this point, it seems fair to say that Secret Invasion was a bit of a disappointment. What was one of the most epic comic-book crossovers in history — with longtime Marvel heroes being revealed as secret Skrull sleeper agents, and an all-out, intergalactic war — turned into a relatively small-scale and underwhelming Disney+ series about Nick … Read more

Adam Wingard’s You’re Next Put a Mumblegore Spin on the Home Invasion Thriller

Before Adam Wingard went on to direct divisive takes on Blair Witch and Death Note, he was busy carving his own niche in horror cinema. His segments in the first two V/H/S movies are highlights, and the giddy chaos of Dan Stevens in The Guest has become a cult favorite at this point. But for … Read more

Fantasia 2023: New Life, The Sacrifice Game, Home Invasion | Festivals & Awards

“New Life,” which had its world premiere last night at Fantasia, starts with an arresting set of images: a woman with blood on her face, making her way through a quiet neighborhood. Her name is Jessie (played by Hayley Erin), and she is in a desperate hurry from something. We then get a sense of who … Read more

Secret Invasion Director Reveals Timeline for Rhodey’s Skrull Kidnapping

Marvel Studios’ Secret Invasion threw a major twist in the MCU lore when they revealed that James Rhodes (or Rhodey) has actually been a Skrull for some time. Secret Invasion’s director recently spoke on when he thinks the swap happened. When did Rhodey get swapped with a Skrull? Speaking to recently, director Al Selim … Read more