Julian Sands search: Unidentified remains found

Remains have been found near the location in which British actor Julian Sands went missing back in January.

Julian Sands

A body has been found near the location in which actor Julian Sands went missing five months ago. While the remains have not been confirmed to be that of Sands’, the circumstances have led many to fear the worst.

The body was discovered by hikers on Saturday, who contacted authorities. As per the official press release from the San Bernardino County sheriff’s office, “The decedent was transported to the Coroner’s Office, pending positive identification. Identification should be completed next week at which time we will update this press release. No further details are available at this time.”

Julian Sands was declared missing back in January. Since then, authorities have conducted eight searches both on ground and in air, with over 500 volunteer hours clocked. There have also been several missions around that time that were unrelated to Sands. Most recently, the sheriff’s department detailed how one of the latest missions unfolded. “Saturday’s search included over 80 Search and Rescue volunteers, deputies, and staff…Their efforts were supported by two helicopters, and drone crews. Aviation resources inserted search teams into remote areas across Mount Baldy and conducted aerial search and assessments efforts. Additionally, drone crews searched areas inaccessible to ground crews.”

Julian Sands’ last known whereabouts were near San Gabriel Mountains’ highest peak, Mount Baldy (a nickname for Mount San Antonio), which has a summit of more than 10,000 feet. Mount Baldy is a popular but challenging area, with the temperature and winds in the winter months presenting potentially life-threatening dangers. According to Outside Magazine, two people died on Mount Baldy in January alone, while 15 others have been rescued.

Julian Sands stands as a truly beloved British actor, with his expansive fanbase reflective of a diverse filmography that includes Merchant Ivory films like A Room with a Viewsupernatural classics like Warlock and dramas like Leaving Las Vegas. For Warlock, Sands earned a Best Actor nomination at the first-ever Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. Spanning more than four decades, his work is cherished by many movie and TV fans. What is your favorite Julian Sands performance?

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