McGee and Me Remains an Interesting Christian Kids Show 35 Years Later

I always felt robbed in the invisible friend department because none of my drawings came to life and acted as my consciousness or dared me to do stupid things. I swear, some kids have all the luck. That was the premise for McGee and Me, a production from 1989 that targeted young Christian audiences in … Read more

25 Years Later, Alexander Payne’s Election Remains as Relevant as Ever | Features

The “she” is Tracy Flick, a preternaturally ambitious teenager who dared to run for high school class president and tried really, really hard to win. In the 25 years since “Election,” Tracy Flick (as played by Reese Witherspoon) has become one of the most infamous and oft-referenced characters in modern cinema, and her name has … Read more

Why Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Remains Unforgettable | MZS

Gondry’s style creates an analogy for what happens when a person’s memories begin to disintegrate or disappear, in the all-over, “global” sense (Alzheimer’s), as well as for the fleeting universal experience of struggling to remember a name, or some aspect of a dream. and somehow managing to grasp a sliver of it, only to see … Read more

Nolan remains optimistic about future of cinema after Oppenheimer

Christopher Nolan sees the tremendous box office success of Oppenheimer as a sign that the state of moviegoing is on the upswing. Nobody would have thought that a three-hour movie about the father of the atomic bomb would be one of the highest-grossing movies of the year, giving pink dolls, plumber brothers and the Guardians’ … Read more

David Ayer says he remains hopeful about releasing his cut of DC’s Suicide Squad

David Ayer says he remains optimistic about the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad reaching fans after years of stumbling blocks and campaigning. When David Ayer’s Suicide Squad crash-landed in theaters, disparate reactions painted the ensemble superhero movie as a mixed bag. While some fans delighted in the anti-hero adventure’s humor, comic book-style action, and character chemistry, others … Read more

Leonardo DiCaprio remains thankful Sharon Stone paid his salary

Leonardo DiCaprio can’t thank Sharon Stone enough for paying his salary on Sam Raimi’s The Quick and the Dead. Leonardo DiCaprio has become one of our finest actors, but thirty years ago, he was an unknown who found his salary paid by Sharon Stone after the studio refused to hire him. Leonardo DiCaprio had auditioned … Read more

Salem’s Lot remake remains on the shelf at Warner Bros.

A year has gone by since Warner Bros. removed Salem’s Lot from their release schedule. Why has the film been shelved? In September of 2021, writer/director Gary Dauberman went into production on a new adaptation of Stephen King‘s novel Salem’s Lot (buy a copy of the novel HERE), which has previously been brought to the screen … Read more

Sherlock Holmes 3 Remains a ‘Priority’ for Robert Downey Jr.

It has been over a decade since Warner Bros. started developing Sherlock Holmes 3and now producer Susan Downey has finally addressed the long-gestated project. In a recent interview with The Wrap, Downey, along with producing partner Amanda Burell, confirmed that there is still a possibility that the third installment to the blockbuster action period franchise … Read more