Listen to an Exclusive Track from Apple TV+’s Dark Matter

ComingSoon is pleased to present an exclusive track from Apple TV+’s Dark Matter, featuring music by award-winning composer Jason Hill. Madison Gate Records will release the full digital soundtrack on May 8, coinciding with the Sony Pictures Television series’ debut.  Listen to “Loose Ends” below.

“When I first started working on the score for Dark Matter, I knew I wanted it to be unique and complex, but also, from the first notes, it just came easily and was extremely playful,” said Hill. “I enlisted the help of my friend and brilliant collaborator, Jake Pinto, and he and I set out to create a tapestry that hung over the series, seeping in and out and around the corners of the screen. “Loose Ends” comes at a major turning point in the series and the climax of the episode. Musically, it needed a dramatic build, and it needed an audacity and grandness.”

Starring Jennifer Connelly and Joel Edgerton, Dark Matter’s plot follows a man abducted into an alternate version of his life. Amid the mind-bending landscape of lives he could’ve lived, he embarks on a harrowing journey to get back to his true family and save them from a most terrifying foe: himself.

Jason Hill is an award-winning composer, platinum-selling recording artist, record producer, and mixer.  Upcoming projects include season 4 of Showtime’s Couples Therapy, which premieres May 31. Hill is also a music producer on the forthcoming Robbie Williams biopic Better Man.