Colin Farrell Shines In Apple TV+’s Refined and Genre-Bending Sugar | TV/Streaming

While “Sugar” begins in the same vein as many of its predecessors, it quickly becomes apparent that what we’re watching is something special. Detective stories are older than television itself, and with series like “True Detective” and “Perry Mason” what this genre needs to survive is something wholly unique, whether that be character arcs or … Read more

Criminal Record is Apple TV’s Latest Exercise in Mediocrity | TV/Streaming

Detective Sergeant June Lenker (Jumbo, convincing in the part) is forwarded the case by the hotline and her boss. A driven rookie cop, wanting to change the Metropolitan Police’s culture from the inside, Lenker dives in, researching the inmate the caller referenced. Her efforts lead her to Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Haggerty (Capaldi), who secured … Read more

Apple TV+’s Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Doesn’t Have a Big Enough Footprint | TV/Streaming

The best special effect in “Monarch: Legacy of Monsters” is purely genetic as creators Chris Black and Matt Fraction had the brilliant idea to cast Kurt Russell and his son Wyatt Russell as the same character, the younger actor playing the iconic one in flashbacks. Both Russells are great, underrated performers, and it’s fun to … Read more

Apple TV+’s The Buccaneers Shakes Up High Society | TV/Streaming

The young American women in this story who provide its name are a rock ’n’ roll band of friends and sisters, and along with bringing jokes and snowball fights to their new home, they say what’s on their minds. That’s in stark contrast to what the English do, which is, as Guy perfectly puts it: “We English have … Read more

Apple TV+’s The Changeling Lets Down Its Flawless, Profound Performances | TV/Streaming

In my notes regarding Stanfield’s performance, I wrote “EYES.” Most of his directors—Jordan Peele and Boots Riley in particular—know the immense power of Stanfield’s big brown eyes. Whether trembling with suppressed fear in “Get Out” or gleaming greedily during telemarketing calls in “Sorry to Bother You,” Stanfield’s eyes communicate entire universes without a word. The … Read more

Apple TV+’s Physical Loses Its Strong Voice in Final Season | TV/Streaming

Byrne continues to use her sad eyes, evident vulnerability, and capacity to exude power to her advantage. Her performance doesn’t shy away from Sheila’s issues, but she never turns our main character into a villain. All of which to say, “Physical” wraps up perhaps too nicely. Season Three harkens back to earlier moments, Sheila examining … Read more

Apple TV+’s Murder Comedy The Afterparty Embraces a Playful, Imperfect Formula | TV/Streaming

The writing makes a larger effort to be less contained than the second season, with Aniq & Danner and Zoe & Grace enacting their own frantic investigations, creating more comparable momentum. This sequel, which has the likes of Anu Valia, Eric Appel, and Peter Atencio directing in place of season one’s Miller, moves a little … Read more

Apple TV’s Fantastic Silo Plays Out Like Great Sci-Fi Literature | TV/Streaming

Of course, like a lot of sci-fi fiction, “Silo” has a great deal to say about the society of the people who are watching it too. It doesn’t feel coincidental to watch a show about a society that’s essentially impacted by a lockdown in the 2020s. And themes of control over women’s bodies and control … Read more

City on Fire Trailer Teases Apple TV+’s Mystery Thriller Drama

Apple TV+ has dropped the official City on Fire trailer for the upcoming thriller drama, which hails from gossip girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. It revolves around the mystery surrounding a young woman’s death. The police and the people close to her start separate investigations to find out who are the ones responsible … Read more