Lord of War sequel finds Nicolas Cage and Bill Skarsgård locked and loaded for lead roles

Nicolas Cage and Bill Skarsgård sign on for a Lord of War sequel directed and written by filmmaker Andrew Niccol.

Lords of War, Lord of War sequel, Nicolas Cage, Bill Skarsgard

Strap on a bulletproof vest and prepare to make a shady deal or two because a Lord of War sequel is on the way. Nicholas Cage (Renfield, mandy, Color Out of Space) and Bill Skarsgård (John Wick: Chapter 4, Castle Rock) are teaming up for Lords of War, with Vendome Pictures producing. Andrew Niccol directs from a script he wrote, with Cage reprising his role from the 2005 original, arms dealer Yuri Orlov. The plot includes a father-son twist, with Skarsgård playing Orlov’s son, Anton. In the Lord of War sequel, Anton “tries to top his father’s wrongs instead of stopping them as he launches a mercenary army to fight America’s Middle East conflicts.”

“There is so much more to explore with these characters. Plato said it best — ‘Only the dead have seen the end of war.’ I’m looking forward to spending more time in the company of the charming devil that is Yuri Orlov and now his illegitimate son – who turns out to not be legitimate in any way,” director Niccol said.

Filming for Lords of War will take place in fall 2023, with FilmNation Entertainment bringing the international rights to the feature-length project to this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Philippe Rousselet and Fabrice Gianfermi, who produced the original, will do the same for the Lord of War sequel.

Niccol directed and wrote Lord of War, featuring Nicolas Cage as Yuri Orlov, an arms dealer who confronts the morality of his work as an INTERPOL agent is chasing him. Ethan Hawke, Jared Leto, and Bridget Moynahan also star.

Nicolas Cage recently hammered it up as Dracula for Chris McKay’s Renfield, a horror action comedy of epic proportion. Meanwhile, he recently completed work on Tim Brown’s The Retirement Plan. The story revolves around Ashley (Ashley Greene) and her daughter Sarah (Thalia Campbell), who get caught up in a criminal enterprise that risks their lives. To escape, Ashley turns to the only person who can help – her estranged father, Matt (Nicolas Cage), currently living the life of a retired beach bum in the Cayman Islands. Ron Perlman, Jackie Earle Haley, and Ernie Hudson also star.

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