Eli Roth returning to direct a sequel to his holiday slasher

Eli Roth has announced that a Thanksgiving sequel has officially been given the greenlight! Thanksgiving 2 is coming in 2025 A lot of genre fans had been waiting sixteen years to see director Eli Roth’s holiday slasher Thanksgiving (read our review HERE), ever since he contributed a faux trailer for the concept to the Robert … Read more

Eli Roth Is Making a ‘Thanksgiving’ Sequel

Everyone loves seconds on Thanksgiving. So why not a second Thanksgiving? And, in fact, that is what is happening, with Eli Roth already directing that work has begun on a sequel to Thanksgiving, his recent slasher film which has become a solid critical and commercial hit in theaters this fall. So far the film has grossed $30 million … Read more

Tim Allen shares his idea for an Andy-centric sequel that brings all the toys together again

Tim Allen says he has an idea for Toy Story 5 involving the return of Andy for a mission to reunite Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang. Before the Thanksgiving break in the United States, Tim Allen said Disney contacted him and Tom Hanks about reprising their iconic Toy Story roles for a fifth film … Read more

‘This Is Spinal Tap’ Will Get a Sequel Next Year

One of the greatest comedies in the history of cinema will finally continue in a sequel. This Is Still Spinal Tap, anyone? In an appearance on the RHLSTP With Richard Herring podcast, This Is Spinal Tap director Rob Reiner confirmed that the sequel, which will feature all the core members of everyone’s favorite pathetic heavy metal band Spinal … Read more

Margot Robbie doesn’t see need for Barbie sequel

Barbie star Margot Robbie doesn’t anticipate a sequel, saying director Greta Gerwig “put everything” into the film. Pink turned green in a major way this summer when Barbie proved to be a dreamhouse-sized hit with audiences, raking in $636 million domestically to easily become the highest-grossing film of the year. On top of that, its … Read more

Neve Campbell and Patrick Dempsey to return in rebooted sequel?

With the recent firing of star Melissa Barrera, Neve Campbell and Patrick Dempsey are being courted to return for Scream 7. It’s been a fraught week for the production of Scream 7. First, it was announced that star Melissa Barrera was fired due to social media posts that were perceived as anti-semitic (an accusation she … Read more

Michael Dougherty has an idea for a sequel to his Christmas horror movie

Michael Dougherty is currently developing a sequel to Trick ‘r Treat, but he has an idea for Krampus 2 as well Fans have been waiting 14 years for director Michael Dougherty to get around to making a sequel to his Halloween-themed horror anthology Trick ‘r Treat, but Dougherty has stayed busy as the years have … Read more

Sequel is a “Maybe”, Netflix film head admits it had too much action

Despite being one of their biggest hits ever, Netflix may not being going ahead with a sequel to The Gray Man. The Russo Bros’ The Gray Man was supposed to be a game-changer for Netflix. Fresh off directing two of the biggest films ever made (Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame), the Russo’s were confident they … Read more