Nicolas Cage Dead by Daylight DLC Announced

In a surprise move, Behavior Interactive announced on Wednesday that Nicolas Cage Dead by Daylight DLC would be coming out at some point.

What do we know about Nicolas Cage coming to Dead by Daylight?

The Nicolas Cage Dead by Daylight DLC was announced in a new teaser trailer for the game, showcasing Cage walking out of the shadows and detailing how he’d look in the game. Behavior promised more information on July 5, 2023, so for now, fans will have to speculate on just what Nicolas Cage will do once he arrives in Dead by Daylight.

Check out the teaser for Nicolas Cage’s appearance in Dead by Daylight below:

Usually, Dead by Daylight is known for partnering with specific horror-based brands or franchises, so a collaboration with just one actor comes as a bit of an usual move. However, Cage is not only one of the most famous actors ever, but also one of the most beloved by fans, and has worked in the horror genre for some time. Most recently, the actor portrayed Dracula in the horror comedy Renfield.

Since its launch in 2016, Dead by Daylight has become a smash hit in the video game world. The game has reached over 50 million players worldwide, with two million active players playing every day. The general idea behind the game sees a group of players trying to hide and escape from one killer.

While the game is famous for incorporating a wide variety of horror icons into the game — including characters from A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and more — the game does its own lore and ongoing story, which is likely what the film will focus on when it eventually releases.