One Piece Odyssey Trailer Reveals New DLC

One Piece Odyssey was always supposed to get an expansion, as noted by its season pass. And after a long bout of silence, Bandai Namco has finally revealed more about this DLC through a new trailer and message from the producer. However, this expansion, Reunion of Memoriesstill doesn’t have a release date and is scheduled to come out “soon.”

One Piece Odyssey‘s new DLC seems to send the Strawhats back to Memoria, as the crew once again finds themselves trapped in Alabasta. They set out to unravel the mystery of the Black Cubes and the hooded girl who resembles Lim. One Piece villain Enel and supporting character Perona also seem to be making an appearance.

Producer Katsuaki Tsuzuki talked more about Reunion of Memories (and the game in general) in a second video. He thanked fans for playing the RPG and noted that some of their feedback has helped shaped the game. More of those fan-driven changes are on the way, and a few fan-favorite stories are even also making their way into the DLC.

According to Tsuzuki, Reunion of Memories will also more heavily focus battles. This means it will be a somewhat difficult expansion that requires more tactical thinking, so it is advised that players clear the main story first.

The opening hours of One Piece Odyssey were extremely promising. The opening chapter quickly introduced new mechanics and quickly got…

And as shown in the teaser, there will be new characters, too. Tsuzuki said he wanted to leave some of them as a surprise, though.