Safdie Brothers’ New Adam Sandler Movie Delayed Again

Following news that the pair have “split up,” a new report from World of Reel suggests that production on The Safdie Brothers’ new collaboration with Adam Sandler has been pushed back.

According to the latest report, the film’s production was originally set to begin last year in late winter. It was then pushed back to April, then June, and then July. Now, World of Reel says that production on the film is set to begin in August.

No reason for the delay was given. On top of that, a report earlier this week revealed that Benny Safdie will no longer be directing the upcoming film, with his brother, Josh Safdie, taking up full responsibilities instead. The split is said to be “temporary,” so it’s unclear if this played any role in the delay at all.

What is the next Safide Brothers movie about?

The Safdie Brothers’ next project is set in the world of sports memorabilia, which they will write and produce. The film will be released on Netflix.

Sandler is set to star in the untitled film. Sandler previously worked with the Safdie Brothers on the critically-acclaimed Uncut Gems, with the actor and directing duo winning Independent Spirit Awards for their work on the film. Ben Affleck is in negotiations to star, along with Megan Thee Stallion, Steve Harvey, and Gael Garcia Bernal.

“Set in the world of high-end sports card collecting in the 1990s, a retired Baseball pitcher (Affleck) attempts a comeback as a sports memorabilia agent (Sandler) attempts to capitalize on his success,” the plot details read. “Megan Thee Stallion is said to play Affleck’s girlfriend.”