Kraven the Hunter & Karate Kid Reboot Release Dates Delayed by Sony

Fans will have to wait a bit longer for the Kraven the Hunter and Karate Kid release dates. When will Kraven the Hunter & Karate Kid come out? Sony announced that both films have been delayed. Karate Kid will now be released in 2025 rather than later this year. It was pushed back from December … Read more

‘Venom 3’ Delayed Despite End to Actors Strike

Few cinematic universes have been hit harder by the writers and actors strikes that are now, mercifully, behind us than the one Sony has built out of their rights to produce Spider-Man movies. They previously shifted back their Kraven the Hunter movie — which should have already been released in theaters according to the company’s original schedule … Read more

Dead Reckoning 2’ Delayed By a Year

Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning – Part Two was slated for release in March of 2024. Unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait a bit longer. Not only that, but when we do see the movie, it might not even be called Dead Reckoning – Part Two anymore. Paramount has reportedly reassessed the title and realized that maybe the length … Read more

Austin Butler and Jodie Comer’s ‘The Bikeriders’ Delayed

Jeff Nichols’ movie The Bikeriders has been delayed amid the ongoing actors’ strike. The acclaimed drama, which stars Jodie Comer, Austin Butler and Tom Hardy, was due to hit cinemas on December 1, but it has now been left with a question mark over the release date, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It’s said they … Read more

The Bikeriders release delayed amid ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike

The release of The Bikeriders starring Austin Butler, Tom Hardy & Jodie Comer has been delayed amid the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. Jeff Nichols’ The Bikeriders was one of the more anticipated dramas set to be released this winter, but THR has reported that New Regency has delayed the release of the movie due to the … Read more

Priscilla Release Date Delayed Following Venice Premiere

According to Deadline, A24 has officially delayed the theatrical release date for Sofia Coppola’s upcoming biographical drama Priscilla, starring Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi. Originally scheduled for an October 27 release, the biopic has been pushed back for a week, and will now arrive in theaters on November 3. This delay comes after Priscilla had … Read more