Sweet Home Chicago Series for Juneteenth | Black Writers Week

And it so happens that one of our other bright lights in Chicago, the entertainer and filmmaker Common, is serving as one of our most enthusiastic Ambassadors. He was recently on “The View” where in explaining why Chicago is an ideal city to hold the 2024 Democratic National Convention, he beautifully articulated the spirit of the city that these remarkable young people also embody.

“The soul of Chicago is about people, it’s about love, it’s about humanity, it’s about hard-working people,” said Common. “Our roots are from the South, which is where our grandparents came from, so Chicago represents America in many different ways. We are hoping for better and greater things in the future of Chicago, and of America, so the DNC is like a bright light coming to our city, a city that has so much to give and it has so much history too. Chicago was discovered by a Black man named Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, and when I found that out as a kid, it gave me some type of pride, along with the fact that our city has created the Michelle Obamas, the Jennifer Hudsons and the Virgil Ablohs of the world.”

From left: Michelle Obama; Jennifer Hudson; Virgil Abloh (courtesy of British Vogue interview).

Here is a video from 2019 of the Crane Cougars Class of 1969, whose relatives are written about below…

AND NOW WE PRESENT OUR GRADUATES…(Donell Brisco, LaTavian Rudolph-Conwell, Kori Nolle Duson, Demi Ewing, Jordan P. Green, Shania S. Green, Mon’tene’ Hammel, Johnathan Jackson, Joshua Jakes, LaKeisha Klyce, Amarri McKay, Blair Moore, Brandon E. Patterson, Saysha Parker, Kelis Rhynes, Duran Sims, Keyvaun Singleton, Dashawn M. Slack, Ava Spencer, Trinity Stovall, Stephon White and Xavier Williams)

Relatives of Katherine Anderson

Katherine Anderson’s great niece Ava Spencer graduated from high school with a full scholarship to St. John’s College in New York. She was recognized as a straight A student for four years and received a certificate of recognition from the school track team. “I feel proud that I have graduated,” says Ava. “My education is extremely important to me, and I am glad that I have made it one step closer to my college degree. My word of wisdom to other students would be to stay focused and consistent. There are so many influences around us it is hard to remain focused on our goals. But if we put in the work great things will come. One change I wish to see in the world is people becoming kinder and not having their guard up. I feel that as a society we need to treat others with more respect.”