The Fall Guy hitting VOD on Tuesday after 2 week run?

The Fall Guy is looking to hit VOD services on Tuesday, less than three weeks after launching its too-short theatrical run. The Fall Guy stands as probably the greatest love letter to movie stuntmen ever. But it might have accidentally brought more attention to another aspect of the film world: the ever-decreasing theater-to-VOD release window. … Read more

Women Writers Week 2024: Table of Contents | Features

For over a decade, has been turning over its entire content stream to female writers, and 2024 is our most ambitious year to date. Below, find links to all of our reviews and articles, over three dozen in total: REVIEWS “Bella” by Nell Minow “Cabrini” by Tomris Laffly “Queens” by Cristina Escobar INTERVIEWS Female … Read more

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed stands trial next week over 2021 death

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, armorer on western Rust, will stand trial beginning next week on charges of manslaughter and tampering with evidence. Things are looking even grimmer for Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the armorer on troubled western Rust. As determined by a judge just one week out from her trial, Gutierrez-Reed will indeed stand before the court despite trying … Read more

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Week 15 Voting Results (Grand Finale Week): Archana Leads the Race

Anticipation is high among the viewers, as Bigg Boss Tamil 7 is heading toward its grand finale week. After Vichitra’s eviction, only six contestants remained inside the house. Recent reports suggest that Archana has received the highest votes following week 15. After Vichitra’s elimination from the house, the show took an unexpected turn, leaving the … Read more

New OTT Releases This Week (December 18

Welcome to a week of binge-watching delight as a diverse array of fresh movies and series hit the OTT platforms. From family comedies to gripping crime documentaries and adrenaline-pumping action, the third week’s December OTT release promises to keep one entertained. This list includes all the highly anticipated releases—Falimy, Aadikeshava, Curry & Cyanide: The Jolly … Read more

Who Was Eliminated in Bigg Boss 17 Week 5?

Bigg Boss 17 has recently been a rollercoaster of emotions, drama, and unexpected twists, keeping fans anticipating each episode. The latest buzz surrounding the show suggested that week 5 elimination will be nothing short of an exciting experience. However, there were no eliminations. After a surprising two-week hiatus from elimination, the upcoming week will reportedly … Read more