Chef Jamie Oliver questions authenticity of The Bear

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has yet to finish watching The Bear because he can’t get over how some of the actors chop. While The Bear has made “Yes, chef!” one of current TV’s best catchphrases, one prominent chef is saying, “No!” As it turns out, world-renowned chef and restaurateur Jamie Oliver has had trouble finishing … Read more

The Blind Side producers stand by movie’s authenticity

Producers of the Oscar-winning 2009 movie The Blind Side maintain that the onscreen depiction is neither a lie nor fake. Who would have thought 2009’s The Blind Side would be tied to one of the strangest entertainment stories of 2023? Earlier this month, former pro football player Michel Oher launched a lawsuit that claims Leigh … Read more

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Mini-Doc Flexes Dev’s Authenticity

Gun Interactive has been pretty open about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, as it has released a few behind-the-scenes videos of the asymmetrical multiplayer game in the past. But this latest video is the longest and yields even more details. This mini-documentary has interviews from eight developers from Gun and Sumo Digital. They go through … Read more

The Authenticity of Wandering Around: Raine Allen-Miller on Rye Lane | interview

With the love and passion for representing South London on screen made by a local resident, what was the most niche detail you integrated on screen for the locals? This is quite a funny one because I was talking to another woman, another girl who grew up in South London and who is also Black. … Read more