Gunn comments on practical effects, CGI in Superman: Legacy

A misunderstanding on James Gunns’ part about there “only” being practical effects in Superman: Legacy prompted a fresh fan theory. Superman: Legacy will no doubt be one of the biggest spectacles when it flies to screens next year. But just how much will it rely on CGI as opposed to practical effects? This was asked … Read more

Dune Visual Effects Company Makes Employees Take Pay Cut or Join Loan Scheme

Dune visual effects (VFX) firm DNEG is making its employees take a pay cut or join a loan scheme. According to an exclusive report by Deadline, DNEG has asked over 10,000 of its employees to take a pay cut of 20-25 percent for seven months depending on their salary. If they’re unable to afford the … Read more

Beetlejuice 2 effects go “back to basics”

Director Tim Burton says making Beetlejuice 2 reminded him of why he loved making movies in the first place. Beetlejuice still remains one of the most visually inventive movies of the 1980s. Between the creature effects, distinct production design (from the Deetz’s house to the Neitherworld) and Oscar-winning makeup, there is constantly something arresting to … Read more

Tetris Effect’s Secret Classic Levels Have Been Unlocked to Coincide With Movie

Tetris Effect was a modern take on the classic block-dropping gameplay, but it did have callbacks to the series’ history. Its special 1984 and 1989 levels were two such references, as they paid homage to the original Electronika 60 version and the seminal Game Boy title. They were previously hard to come by, but Enhance … Read more