Every Easter Egg You Missed

The third episode of The Acolyte introduces viewers to a coven of Force-sensitive witches. But how do these characters connect to the witches previously seen on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and on the recent Star Wars: Ahsoka TV series? What makes one Force witch different from another? In our latest Acolyte breakdown video, we’ll explain just where all these … Read more

Every Easter Egg You Missed

Season 1 of X-Men ’97 is over. And what a season it was, filled with action, adventure, melodrama, romance, and tragedy, all of it drawn from the vast history of X-Men comics. But if you haven’t read X-Men comics or watched the original X-Men: The Animated Series, you might have missed some of the coolest Easter eggs in the season finale. … Read more

Every Easter Egg You Missed

The title of this week’s episode of X-Men ’97 — “Tolerance is Extinction – Part 1” — actually merges the titles of multiple X-Men storylines. Bastion himself appeared in a ’90s comic story called “Operation: Zero Tolerance.” And several years before that there was also “X-Tinction Agenda.” That’s just one of the many Easter eggs, little details, … Read more

Challengers’ Spider-Man scene not an easter egg

Challengers director Luca Guadagnino says the Spider-Verse moment in his new film wasn’t a nod to Zendaya’s movies. This article will contain some spoilers for Challengers, so reader beware if you haven’t seen Luca Guadagnino’s new film… Tennis isn’t for everyone – some people just want their Spidey fix. That’s what happens in one scene … Read more

Every Easter Egg You Missed

Another week, another huge episode of X-Men ’97. The Easter eggs start early this week; as we see that the team roll call in the opening credits has been changed to remove Magneto and Gambit (RIP?) and to add Nightcrawler, who looks to be joining the X-Men full-time moving forward. But did you notice that the logo that accompanies Nightcrawler … Read more

Every Easter Egg You Missed

Well, that was one heck of an X-Men ’97 episode. This week’s adventure ended tragically, with a cliffhanger that might have involved the deaths of two different X-Men. (We’re just going to hold our breath until next Wednesday and hope for the best.) It also drew on a ton of classic X-Men comics, and carried forward long-standing … Read more

Every Easter Egg You Missed

The fourth episode of X-Men ’97 was a combination of multiple storylines from the X-Men comics of yesteryear — plus a ton of Easter eggs, references, and little details you might have missed. If you want help spotting them, that’s what we’re here for. Our latest Marvel video breaks down both of this week’s storylines and where they … Read more

‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ Trailer Breakdown: Every Marvel Easter Egg

After a massive corporate merger, the end of the Fox X-Men Universe, and a bunch of delays, we are finally almost ready to see Deadpool 3 — which we now know, after the movie’s first teaser, is officially titled Deadpool & Wolverine. The film just debuted its Super Bowl ad and trailer, and now we have a pretty … Read more

Every Episode 1 Easter Egg and Secret

Just days after What If…?, Marvel has another new Disney+ series: Echo, spinning out of the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Daredevil and Hawkeye. And if you missed those shows, or you aren’t super familiar with Maya Lopez, you might miss some of the many references, callbacks, and hidden Easter eggs in the premiere episode. That’s where our latest MCU … Read more

Night Swim Director Reveals Movie Features Easter Egg Setting Up a Sequel

The mysterious Blumhouse supernatural horror Night Swim is still a couple of weeks away, but its director has urged viewers to look out for an Easter Egg in the film’s early moments that may set up a potential sequel. Night Swim Sequel Opportunity Bubbles Up Bryce McGuire, who first created the story of Night Swim … Read more