13 Ghosts TV series pitch slides tease back story and potential ghost stories

TV series inspired by 13 Ghosts is currently in the development phase, and we have the EXCLUSIVE look at a couple pitch slides! A few days ago, Dread Central learned that Patrick Mediate of Primordial Pictures, The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead VFX supervisor Aaron McLane, and Ashley Robinson, a co-producer of Fear the … Read more

Thirteen Ghosts Television Series Reportedly in Development

Dark Castle is reportedly developing a television series based on the film Thirteen Ghosts. In a Dread Central exclusive, Patrick Mediate of Primordial Pictures and SFX supervisor for Fear the Walking Dead Aaron McLane announced a partnership with Dark Castle to pitch the series for Sony Pictures Television It’s been 22 years since the remake … Read more

Midwest Film Festival to Hold the Chicago Premiere of Jason Miller’s Ghosts of the Void on July 31st | Festivals & Awards

“The driving force of this movie for me was to capture the anxiety and fears that so many of us experience as we struggle to find our footing in the world, and to express those feelings through my favorite genre, horror,” Miller told RogerEbert.com. “I think the thing that draws people to this genre more … Read more

Ghosts of War: Ted Geoghegan on Brooklyn 45

Ted Geoghegan’s chamber horror drama “Brooklyn 45” takes place one fateful night in 1945, and focuses on a small gathering of gruff veteran friends months in the parlor of one Lt. Col. Clive Hockstatter (Larry Fessenden). Also known as Hawk, Fessenden’s grieving character needs their help holding a seance, so he can reach his departed wife, who … Read more