Darren Lynn Bousman Discusse New Horror The Cello and Reuniting With Tobin Bell

Darren Lynn Bousman has brought us musical horror before with the likes of Repo! The Genetic Opera, but The Cello is a different beast. The Cello tells the story of the titular cursed Instrument that brings out the talent of a struggling musician, but at the same time, it forces him to compose an ancient … Read more

Marvel’s Thunderbolts Finds New Writer, Reuniting Steven Yeun With Beef Creator

Marvel Studios has found a new writer for Thunderbolts as the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 5 movie will now be scripted by Lee Sung Jin. This will be a reunion for Lee, director Jake Schreier, and actor Steven Yeun, who will make his MCU debut in the movie. Lee created the Netflix series Beef, … Read more